Your transport data into EU compliance

What is snap

With the ultimate goal of enabling the provision of multimodal transportation services, the EU Regulation 2017/1926 is requiring transport stakeholders to allow access to their data in specific data formats (i.e., NeTEx, SIRI). Currently, the requested data formats are rarely used, thus a data conversion is needed. The snap solution supports data conversion, decreasing the time required to perform it and hiding its complexity.
With snap transportation data will be compliant with the EU Regulation in a snap!

snap enables the conversion of transportation data into EU-mandated standards. Transport authorities, operators and infrastructure managers can render their legacy data interoperable and compliant with standards using a solution fit to their needs

Why snap



No proven, market-ready solutions that cover the entire conversion process enabled by snap.



Provides data conversion based on semantic technologies.



Hides the complexity of the conversion process and of the target standards.



Prevents acquiring the knowledge or contracting the competence to implement a custom solution.

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